Certified personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Boot Camp 4 Paws Workout on Thanksgiving Morning

10-Day Non-Stop Boot Camp

Boot Camp


Boot camps

Taught by a certified personal trainer/certified group fitness instructor with over 21 years experience in the fitness field.

Various levels of exercise are shown to accommodate each client’s ability; it is up to you to choose the appropriate level of intensity. Incorporates athletic drills, running, Hill Running, Core Training, Kickboxing, Pylometrics, Yoga, TRX Suspension Bands, Kettleballs, Battling Ropes, Sandbags, Tires, Monkey Bars, Boxing Bags and Foam Rolling.
Each class is a different format–I promise! I have over 15 formats and I use some inside at the studio and some at the park. You will never get bored and the cross training effect is Phenomenal.

Clients with physical limitations (shoulder, knee or just beginning a new workout program) or limited athletic abilities will be shown modified levels of exercise.