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Fitness Bootcamp - OklahomaTaught by a certified personal trainer/certified group fitness instructor with over 19 years experience in the fitness field. Various levels of exercise are shown to accommodate each client’s ability; it is up to you to choose the appropriate level of intensity. Classes incorporate Athletic Drills, Running, Hill Running, Core Training, Kickboxing, Pylometrics, Yoga, Sandbags, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Bands, Monkey Bars, Battling Ropes, Tires, Boxing Bags, Jump Boxes.

We also offer  Kickboxing classes on the punching bag. $5 per class . Class is 75 minutes long, held at Top Hat, Children welcome in studio while you workout. Sunday's 830am-945a. 21 spots available and we focus on Gutts and Butts throughout the class. Kickboxing is also included in all boot camp classes too!

Clients with physical limitations (shoulder, knee or just beginning a new workout program) or limited athletic abilities will be shown modified levels of exercise. Each session incorporates challenging routines and the format varies with each session. Since each session is different (to keep things challenging, interesting and fun) clients can join at anytime. Traditional Bootcamps train clients at the same level of workout intensity regardless of the client’s fitness level or physical limitations.

Missed classes may be made up. There is NO fee for missed classes, there is not registration fee. I do not do Groupons because my rates are reasonable all year. There is NO expiration date on purchased classes, drop in rate is $5. If you think the price is crazy low, considering my experience and credentials, it is. I love what I do and it shows with happy successsful campers. My program is a lifestyle change, not a quick drop of weight, than back to your regular lifestyle. Quick fixes are temporary and lifestyle changes are permanent.

Fit W/ Vic Bootcamp treats each client as an individual therefore you will be shown various levels of exercise which will accommodate what works best for you. You do not have to purchase any dietary pills or supplements from the instructor (saves you money). We have an indoor facility during inclement weather at Top Hat Talent Studio.

My prices compared to other boot camps are considerably lower $50 for 16 AM Classes and $30 for 16 PM Classes.-and prorated if needed. Make ups are allowed. See our class schedules at the bottom of this page.

Interval Training

Interval training boosts metabolism, increases lean tissue, burns more calories, allows greater level of fitness in less time and develops the fast twitch muscle.

Each session includes aerobic exercises alternating with anaerobic exercise to provide a cross training affect. Each session starts with a dynamic warm up (includes stretching) followed by yoga exercises. Each class is a different format and you never get the same workout twice. Several pieces of equipment is used during the classes.

Each class is a different format and you never get the same workout twice. Various pieces of equipment is used during our classes. 
We have several formats we use such as:Trail Mix, Basketball Court Bash, Sandbag Blast, Shred, No Nonsense, A Perfect 10, Ripped. Our 10 Day Non Stop Boot Camp has specific Formats we use during the 10 Day.


All sessions are held at either Top Hat Talent Dance Studio or Southlake parks. Maximizes use of grass areas in order to eliminate stress on feet and legs (no pavement). A permit to use the grounds is on file with Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Dept.

Nutritional guidelines are provided which includes understanding of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Emphasis is on behavior modification, portion control to help with weight loss combined with aerobic and strength exercises. No diet or food deprivation is encouraged as this leads to only short term gains. A food journal is encouaged to be kept and a Daily Calorie allowance is provided to achieve weight loss.

Incorporating interval aerobic conditioning, strength conditioning, nutritional information and behavior modification will enhance a fitness lifestyle now and into the future.

Class Schedules

Boot Camp 4 Paws 
Will be held at Top Hat Talent Studio

Fitness Bootcamp - Oklahoma
Labor Day Morning at 830 am 2018.
All donations will be given to OKSave a Dog and Forgotten Treasures Rescues.

 Top Hat Talent Dance Studio 
 11710 S Western Ave OKC
  orif beautiful  weather South Lakes park. Check FB Post morning of workout.

» Participants will donate pet food or pet items in order to participate in the event.
» Open to the community
» Children, adults and dogs are welcome
» All donations will be donated to a LOCAL animal rescue.

Fit w/ Vic has donated over**** 17,000 lbs***** of of pet food from generous participants to various animal rescue groups with her Boot Camp 4 Paws program.  THANK YOU!


S.O.S. Bootcamp!

An all women's boot camp class from beginner (modifications are demostrated) to athlete. We provide a supportive, private environment where women come together to exercise, share nutritional info, lose weight and succeed in lifestyle changes!
Monday 6:15pm - 7:15pm  
Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30pm Held at Top Hat
Thursday 6:15pm - 7:15pm
Saturday 7:30am - 9:00am
Location:  South Lakes Park Monday and Thursday Nights fall-spring held at South Lakes Park. Summer indoors at Top Hat Studio.
Wednesday nights at Top Hat Talent Studio- SW Western Avenue Each class is a different format--to keep your body guessing!
$30 for 16 classes, makeups allowed — Join at any time! Drop-In rate for a class any time is $5
*I post daily on my FB Page where class will be held and the format.

To sign up, email Vicki at or call (405) 245-6374.

Fitness Bootcamps

  16 AM  Coed Classes $50, use consecutively, or intermittently. Make ups alllowed. AM Folks may ATTEND any PM class at NO EXTRA FEE.
Monday 5:30am - 6:30am
Wednesday 5:15am - 6:30am TOP HAT always
Friday 5:30am - 6:30am

 All classes are held at Top Hat talent Studio 
or South Lakes Park.
7:30am - 9:00am

Location: South Lakes Park,  SW 119th Street and Meridian or Top Hat Talent Studio, SW 116th  and SW Western. (South of Brink Junior High)
Pricing: $50— Join at any time! That $50 includeds, attending any PM at NO extra fee.
Note: Drop in rate $5.

To sign up, email Vicki at or call (405) 245-6374.

10-Day Non-stop Boot Camp Class

10 straight days of non-stop boot camp classes  WILL HAPPEN IN November before Thanksgiving. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON.

 Classes held at South Lakes Park (SW 119th and Meridan) or Top Hat Talent Dance Studio.****615pm 730pm*** for post daily on my Facebook Page where class is held and the format. South Lakes is an awesome place tp have boot camp.
You may attend any AM class during 10 day at no extra fee.
Fee for 10 Day Non Stop Boot Camp is $30 plus. Share my post on Facebook about 10 Day and receive $5 off. May pay on 1st day of class.

 10 Day includes: Nutritional Information and a Food Plan, assigned workout buddy, additional exercises to do at home each day, 75 minute classes with each class focusing on aerobic/anaerobic/strength conditioning plus a different muscle groups each day! Glorious Glutes, Sizzlin Abs, Luscious Legs, Basic Boot Camp, Mini SHRED, Arm Assault, Kickbutt Boxing, Core and more, Hot Yoga.

See a list of our biggest weight loss participants!

Space limited contact Vicki to sign up for the 10-day non-stop boot camp!



Hot Yoga

Schedules: 1-2 Sundays a month at 3pm.
Location: Top Hat Talent Dance Studio, 11710 S. Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (

To sign up, email Vicki at or call (405) 245-6374.

Shred Class  This is a 2 hour Workout held at Top Hat Studio. Shred

Shred Class:

1.5 Hours of TRX Suspension Bands, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Tires, Battling Ropes, Monkey Bars followed by 30 Minutes of HOTT YOGA. Outdoor equipment is used when weather permits. You do not have to be a regular boot camper to participate. Formats used in the 2 hour session are Stacked, What in Tarnation or Mashed. You will know what working out is all after this class!


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