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Vicki on December 10, 2014

1) Begin to have your meals off a smaller plate.

2) Listen to your stomach (are your hungry) not your head (I have to clean my plate) Hunger pangs is a signal we need to fuel ourselves. 

3) Cut up your food (as much as you can) and spread it on your plate so it looks full. Use your fork and spoon when you eat. Eating is visual and psychological too.

4) Once you are feeling more satisfied and full not stuffed--leave a Tablesspoon of food on your plate. The rule is going off in your head to clean your plate and your stomach is telling you--full. That will cause anxiety--practice---pick up the plate with the small amount of food and put plate on cupboard, throw the food a way, or wrap up in put in fridge. Sounds silly but your dealing with emotions associated with this rule and not a physcial need for food.

Changing a behavior begins with reaching small attainable goals. I have worked with several clients that were taught as a child to clean their plate and those extra calories they do not need..but feel that have to consume add to the waist line. 

Many have practiced this and have been successful. They lost weight from not taking in those extra calories..that they did not physically need. Dealing with the emotions of changing a behavior is the hard part. Practicing the suggestions above will enable you to overcome the "I have to clean my plate belief". #fitwvic

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