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How Utensils Can help You Lose Weight

on April 10, 2016

 -Utensils are easier to pick up then to put down. 

-Eating with our fingers (finger food, fast food) will add more to your waist line.

-Some people use their fork or spoon as a shovel.

-Keeping utensils in your hands while eating can lead to mindless eating.

-Mindless eating is, doing the behavior without thinking about it.

-Stress can lead to overeating.

-Changing your behavior while consuming your meals will decrease your waist line. 

If you are someone who eats more often with your fingers and less with your fork, start picking up the fork or spoon. Consuming your meals with utensils can slow down your eating. When we eat with our hands/fingers, we can overeat and take in more calories then is needed. When our fingers touch our lips, this action sends a message to the “Old Brain” to gorge. Using utensils can save you calories and help you become more aware of what your putting in your mouth.

Utensils can add calories too, if your unaware of your behavior. We learn our eating patterns as children. There were unspoken rules at the table and most parents have your best interest at heart. “Clean your plate, there are starving children in Africa’, could have been some of the verbiage you heard. Practicing behavior changes can save you calories while still eating the food you love. Try using a fork or spoon at your next meal. After you put the food in your mouth, put the utensil down and place your hands on your lap.  Then chew your food slowly, taste your food, think about your food, savor your food. Focusing on your behavior is not mindless eating. Try doing this throughout your meal. 

If running short on time, practice first with a smaller meal by yourself or buddy up with a friend. Repeat this behavior with your meals.  Using a fork/spoon while eating, putting it down and placing your hands on your lap will slow your eating down. Eating more slowly, will help you be aware of how full you are beginning to feel.

The stomach is an interesting organ and roughly the size of our fist. Our stomach can expand to 4 xs it normal size. When we eat fast, use our fingers, shovel food in our mouth, we can stretch our stomach very quickly with to much food. The stomach does send a message to the brain when it is becoming full. That can take 20 minutes. How much food can you eat in 20 minutes?  When  we eat fast and mindlessly eat, we miss the pleasure, taste, smell, texture of our food. Missing all that entices us to eat more and consume more calories until we are satisfied. Slowing down while you eat will enable you to enjoy your food.

Practice using utensils with your meals for the next few weeks. Also, try putting them down in between each bite and chewing your food. Keep you hands in your lap until your done chewing each bite. Practicing this behavior will keep inches off your waist and still enable you to eat the food you love.


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