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Proper nutrition for weight loss

on June 07, 2015

 80 % of training and weight loss is proper nutrition.  If we could discipline ourselves to select healthier food, when we consume that food and how much we consume of that food, we would be able to manage our weight easier. Women have more of a challenge then men  because estrogen plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy weight. I have worked in this field almost 20 years and I know  you cannot out work a food plan that involves large meals, late night snacking and meals, fast food 3-5xs a week, low on veggies, high in soda, packaged and processed foods and stress. 

The latest fad diet will promise weight loss and you can be successful with the program. It is a program though and  we cannot live on a program forever. We still have to deal with food. Our lives revolve around food. We can’t live without it and of course we like it!

I have always had to approach my food choices with behavior modifications.There are certain foods I love and I am not going to bargain or give them up. There are other foods I  weaned myself from and found a healthy alternative. Here are helpful tips that you can use to enjoy the food you love and manage you meal plan too.

Change your plate around. Let your entree dish be your side dish and your side dish be your entree dish.

Consume plenty of greens and veggies with each meal.

Never clean your plate. 

Balance your carbohydrates with protein.

Use utensils with most meals.

Cut up the food that is on your plate.

Select healthier packaged & processed foods.

Never skip breakfast.

Plan smaller meals (debits) prior to a  social event that involves food. If I want to enjoy the deposit at the event. I work with the debit/credit systems days before the event.

Drink less soda and more water.

Don’t diet. Diets don’t work in the long run.

Let exercise be your stress reliever. Stress hormones can make us over eat because of the fight/flight mechanism and the hormones produced when we feel that. In prehistoric times when we were under stress, we needed a burst of energy at times to survive our environment. High calorie food could give us the energy needed to fight or run from a threat. We experience those same bodily functions under stress but we are not running from a predator. We are running away from demands- phone calls, family commitments, work. Those stress hormones still produce the need for high calorie density foods. We will find ourselves turning to those foods  due to these hormones. Lowering your stress level will lower your desire for fatty/sweet/high caloric foods.

Strength train to build lean tissue. Lean tissue boosts metabolism and gives us an extra storage site (in the muscles)  for extra calories we consumed. These extra calories can be used as fuel at a later time and not be stored as fat.

Find an exercise you love to do like Zumba, Square Dancing, Swimming, Biking, Kickboxing. You will make a commitment to something you enjoy. You can purchase a piece of equipment that will burn the most calories  or sign up for a program that  does the same. If you do not like the equipment or the program will you spend time with it? 

Eat to fuel yourself and avoid stuffing yourself. Many times we stuff ourselves when we are dealing with unpleasant emotions. There are other ways to learn how to cope with those feelings.

Eat when you are  hungry, not when the clock has a specific time.

Do cardio 3-5xs a week and incorporate plyometrics, core work and full body movements. That will get you fit quick, burn calories and build muscle.

Small changes will make a big difference.

Practice the above.


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