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Multi Tasking at Meal Time

on May 08, 2015

I love this!! This is very helpful and can help you change behavior that is 
adding to your waistline.
1. When you are distracted while eating you will eat more. If your not fully engaged with your meal .. Your not fully enjoying it. 
When you are not enjoying it.. Distracted-- phone, tv, driving, paying bills... You will eat more because your not focused on the taste and pleasure of the food. Toavoid that.. Do nothing else at most of your meals to avoid this overeating to receive the pleasure of the meal. Turn off tv, put down phone, do not eat at your desk at work. You might not be able to do it at all meals, but practice will help. Try on the weekend if your week is too stressful.
2. Do step 1.. Just focus on your meal.. Remove yourself from everything else except good company.
3. Sit at a table, desk, counter that is clear of debris. 
Eat of a smaller plate, set utensils and glassware on table.
4. Portion control!! Eat off small plate, use utensils-- not fingers,cut up your food, put your fork down when you chew your food.
5. If your enjoying your meal you will look for less food to be satisfied. When we are not paying attention to the Hand and mouth.. Calories can add up. We will eat more to be satisfied, because we are mindlessly eating.
6.Putting your fork, spoon down between bites is so difficult. We are used to keeping our fork in our hands and shoveling our food in. Putting our utensils down will enable us to pause and enjoy our meal. We can end up eating less because we are not mindlessly eating.
7. When you begin to feel full from eating just stop for 30 seconds. Breathe and think for a moment-- am I full, feeling full, am I thirsty? Checking in and tell yourself you can have the remainder later.. Will not deprive you. Practicing eating less at a meal can save calories. Your not depriving yourself your rationing out your food. Eating too much at one sitting can promote weight gain. Your stomach is a good indicator when you have eaten too much! Smaller meals throughout the is the best way to fuel yourself. Eating calories your body does not need will add to weight gain.
8. Reflect--look back at how you are adding new behavior techniques to maintain your weight or lose weight.
These behaviors can assist you on your goals. If you try a program that helps you lose weight (diet, supplementation) you still need to look at how you manage your food once your off your diet! This is a lifestyle., not something you do for 4-6 weeks. If you cannot learn skills to manage your food you will alwAys Be looking for the next fix. The diet/weight loss business is a multi billion dollar industry. Many times they feed off you vulnerabilities, money and not your well being. Be smart.. Practice!

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