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How Holistic health is healing me

on April 01, 2015


In the Fall of 2012 I found a lump in my left breast. After a Mammogram and a biopsy, I was told that the mass was benign. I have a marker in my breast so that area can be recognized when doing Mammograms, Ultrasound and Theragram (infrared).  Which I  do all 3  exams yearly. After the news it was benign and thanking God ( breast cancer is in my family) I have been on a mission to shrink this mass (actually several small cysts). The surgeon I saw does not recommend removing it since it is benign. I felt  removing the mass would mean that I was removing the symptom of something  unhealthy going on in my body. I would not be  curing the issue that caused the mass in the first place. Plus being small busted it would leave deformities. My husband would not mind implants  but that could get in the way of my burpees in boot camp!!!

My profession as a Personal Trainer and the beauty of movement has lead  me to the field of health and wellness these past 10 years. My soul can relate to the the gifts of the  earth through food, plants, oils and holistic living.

 Before I found the lump in my breast I was already into Organic food and consuming it most times. I have found Organic food and supplements to fit out budget.


I was doing Foot Bathes (detoxing). Toxins that are not removed from the body will remain there and can cause disease.

I take a wide range of natural supplements, especially herbs that reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation will cause disease. There must be inflammation in the body for a cold as well as cancer.

I receive massages 1-2 times a month.

I drink only water that does NOT contain Fluoride. Fluoride will deplete iodine stores in the body. Iodine keep breast tissue healthy and also you Thyroid.

I saw a Holistic/MD that prescribed 6 Natural supplements for me to take daily. One of those includes Iodine. The American diet is almost completely  NIL of iodine. This Dr.’s blood work was the most intensive I have ever had before. Her blood work went as far as finding 12 mutated genes I carry. These genes release  toxic enzymes . These toxins can lead to illness. The 6 natural supplements she prescribed act as a buffer to the toxics enzymes and counterposes their affect on my health.

I only use natural laundry detergent when washing my clothes. Your skin is your biggest organ and anything that touches your skin can be absorbed in your body. Have you looked at the ingredients/chemicals in detergents?

I also use all natural shampoo, bath wash, body lotion and as much natural makeup as possible. I love MAC makeup at Dillard’s and use it still. I try to balance that out with other natural makeup products. Many of these products contain chemicals  that mimic estrogen in the human body.

I also have been using Young Living Essential oil for the past 11 years.

All of these changes did not happen over night. It took time, researching and experimenting with products. I have really enjoyed learning all these alternative ways to stay healthy. How do I know it is working? In 2012 I was diagnosed with 15 cysts. As of March 2015 I  now have ONLY  9. Maybe it was time my body started to flush them out. Maybe it is these changes I made. I know that God Grace is in my life. I really think it is a combination of  all 3. I hope you pass this information on to another women. This information could  help  someone dealing with what I have, a woman dealing with breast cancer or breast cancer survivor.


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