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Classes Include...

  • Goddess Bootcamps
  • TRX Classes
  • Boot Camp 4 Paws
  • Oklahoma Bootcamps
  • Certified Personal Training
  • Shred Class
  • Group Fitness Instruction
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Core Training Exercise
  • Mat Pilates & Yoga
  • Jab, Gutts & Butts Cardio Kickboxing Class
  • Kids Boxing Class

    Our Fitness Bootcamp

      Taught by a certified personal trainer/certified group fitness instructor with over 19 years experience in the fitness field.
      Various levels of exercise are shown to accommodate each client's ability; it is up to you to choose the appropriate level of intensity. Incorporates              athletic drills, running, Hill Running, Core Training, Kickboxing, Pylometrics, Yoga, TRX Suspension Bands , Kettleballs, Battling Ropes, Sandbags,  Tires, Monkey Bars, Boxing Bags and Foam Rolling.
Each class is a different format--I promise! I have over 15 formats  and i use some inside at the studio and some at the park. You will never get bored and the cross trainining affect is Phenomenal.

       Clients with physical limitations (shoulder, knee or just beginning a new workout program) or limited athletic abilities will be shown modified levels of exercise.

     » Watch Vicki Tri's Oklahoma Bootcamp Videos on YouTube

     » See images from the 2012 Mud Run!

     » See 10 day NON STOP Boot Camp!

AM Coed 16 classes for $50, may attend any PM at NO extra fee.
Pm Women only 16 classes for $30. Makeups allowed, may take up to 6 mths to finish a 16 class  session. Several folks add my boot camp classes to their training regiment and do not always attend 3 classses a week. I am flexible.
Drop in rate $5. Youth 16 and under may attend with an adult for half price.  Use button to left for PM..Use button to right for AM. Check out all the reviews on my Facebook Page. Many happy campers.

****Shred Class  Kickboxing classes on the boxing bag!!! Jab, Gutts and Butts.  75 minute class for only $5! Children are allowed in the studio, gloves are provided. Sign up on my FACEBOOK PAGE when I post about upcoming kickboxing classes. I also include the boxing format in my boot camp classes. Hled Sunday at 830-945am.

held 4/2/18-4/11/18. 615pm-730pm.  Weekday classes will be 75 minutes. Saturday & Sunday Classes start at 730am. Classes are held at South Lakes Park. SW 119th St. and Meridan or Top Hat Talent Studio.

You may participate in my AM classes  (530am-630am) during the 10 day program at NO EXTRA FEE.
Each day will be a different format, Luscious Legs, Glorious Glutes, Arm Assault, Hott Yoga, Trail Mix, Basic Boot Camp, Abd Attack, Kickbutt Boxing.

There will be a discussion before and after class about nutrition.  
A food plan is included as well as behavioral techniques. Missed classes due to inclement weather will be made up or if you miss a class (during 10 day) your welcome to make up in regular boot camp.

This program gets results! $30 for the 10 Day Non Stop Boot Camp.

Classes are held at:
Top Hat Dance Studio  and South Lakes Park

  • Exercise homework
  • Nutritional Information/Food Plan
  • 75 minute classes during 10 Day Non Stop
  • Behavioral Techniques that help you cope with cravings, overeating, portion control 
  • Understanding of carbs, protein & fats
  • Lots of doggie kisses from Zeke

Every day we will focus on a different muscle group - Glorious Glutes, Arm Assault, Luscious Legs, Sizzlin' Abs, etc. See a list of our biggest weight loss participants! Fee: $30 for all 10 days! You may PAY on 1st night of class. The PAYPAL BUTTONS are not current for 10 DAY, so pay on 1st day of class. 

We meet every day during 10 Day Non Stop Boot Camp Session Weekdays at 615pm and weekends at 7:30am. Contact Vicki for a reserved spot through email or facebook page.

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